Current Efforts to Measure Health

Wearable technology:

The most marketable piece of wearable technology is currently FitBit. The device measures elements of health such as number of steps taken daily (degree of activity), heart rate and even how well you sleep. This technology, while fascinating and enjoyable to look at, does little to truly improve overall health.

Injectable technology: 

Current technology includes sensors that are tattooed onto the skin. These technologies explore the “bio-inspired” design and “intimate integration” of the chips within the human body. Our physical manifestation of MetaView is largely based on this technology and its reality in practice. To read more, click here.

Genetic Analysis:

23 and Me is the most marketable genetic testing company in the industry today. They take a sample of saliva, and within a couple months return a comprehensive portfolio of family genes and specific diseases the consumer may be particularly susceptible to. Our genetic portion of MetaView is largely based on this technology, along with our pricing scale.

Metabolic Analysis:

The best ways to measure metabolic health are through computerized machines that gauge gas exchange variables. The “gold standard” of these systems is known as the Douglas Bag (DB) method, which catches gas exchange from the test subject’s nose and mouth. However, the problem with this method is that the bag can allow external air in, affecting results. It is also very cumbersome and time consuming. However, the MetaView chip would be able to perform this process continuously from within the human body. By measuring the gas content and exchange within the user’s individual blood cells, our technology is able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.


  1. John Smith

    I really think The MetaView could set me on track to having a healthier lifestyle. What a great product!

  2. Alice Walker

    I am definitely interested in the genetic analysis! I want to learn about disease I may be susceptible to.


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