While weight loss is important, what’s more important is the quality of food you put in your body – food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes.

Mark Hyman


Why Metabolic?

Currently, the best ways to measure metabolic health are through computerized machines that gauge gas exchange variables. The “gold standard” of these systems is known as the Douglas Bag (DB) method, which catches gas exchange from the test subject’s nose and mouth. However, the problem with this method is that the bag can allow external air in, affecting results. It is also very cumbersome and time consuming. However, the MetaView chip is able to perform this process continuously from within the human body. By measuring the gas content and exchange within the user’s individual blood cells, our technology is able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

The role of gas exchange can be explained as follows: Both oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported around the body in the blood through arteries, veins and capillaries. They bind to hemoglobin in red blood cells, although oxygen does so more effectively. Carbon dioxide also dissolves in the plasma or combines with water to form bicarbonate ions. Inhaled oxygen is able to diffuse into the capillaries from the alveoli (small air sacks that branch off from the lungs), while CO2 from the blood diffuses in the opposite direction into the alveoli. The waste CO2 can then be exhaled out of the body.

As a result, measuring the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels within an individual’s blood can suggest the fitness of a person’s metabolism. Due to the great importance of metabolism on all other functions of the body, this measurement is a great indicator of overall health status. The MetaView will be the first product to accurately and conveniently make this information available to all individuals.

In addition to being a fair indicator of general overall health, this information can also be helpful to specific ends. People who seek to stay healthy by watching their weight or increasing their amount of exercise will benefit from knowing how well their metabolism is functioning at any given time, watching their levels change in reaction to lifestyle choices, and knowing what foods their body metabolizes best. The metabolism section of the MetaView also has additional health implications because these measurements can access how well treatment is working for people who have respiratory diseases. It also can show whether a person has gone into shock. Finally, The MetaView makes tracking your health easy and personalized!

The way the MetaView measures metabolic health is a twofold process.

Carbon dioxide levels are measured through a primary chip which is inserted beneath the elbow, near a vein— which is deoxygenated. Every ten minutes, a valve is opened and blood is diverted from the vein. It enters the CO2 level chamber. A series of infrared lasers are directed through a focusing lens and into the chamber. Carbon dioxide molecules selectively absorb specific infrared light wavelengths. The wavelengths that are not absorbed then pass through a second focusing lens and meet with an infrared detector on the other side.

The oxygen level is measured through a secondary device which is inserted on the top of the arm, on a blood vessel which parts from an artery. Again, blood enters the O2 chamber and  various light wavelengths are directed through it. The light passes through the chamber and is affected by the color of the blood, which differs depending on how much oxygen is present. The light then hits a sensor on the opposite side which records the information.

Both devices are powered internally by an inductive charger imbedded into their design. Once information is harvest by both devices, it is converted into data and exported to the app using radio frequencies.

O2 and CO2 levels are measured by a number called RQ, which stands for respiratory quotient. The RQ is the exchange of gas ratio: the amount of carbon dioxide produced over the amount of oxygen used. Because different types of food (such as carbohydrates and fats) are made up of different molecules which break down using different amounts of oxygen and produce different amounts of carbon, the RQ can tell you what type of food your body is currently metabolizing best. A completely healthy person very well may be metabolizing any food best; the real importance of this number is to see whether metabolism adjusting quickly. Sluggish changes imply an unhealthy metabolism.

Therefore, rather than tell the individual only their RQ number — a number which is meaningless to most people who do not know the science — the MetaView app tells the individual which foods they are metabolizing and also analyzes how well they are adjusting. The MetaView app can inform you whether your health is improving, and even give suggestions to the individual.

So, why The MetaView? Countless devices have been used in the past to measure metabolism, but each one has faced issues of accuracy and convenience. The MetaView is finally the solution to these long-standing problems.

Firstly, metabolism is a constantly changing and reactionary process, but most previous devices only measured it when an individual visited a doctor or as often as they were willing to prick their finger or breathe into a tube. Because the MetaView is constantly present within the body, the devices gives information at any time. The MetaView makes it exponentially simpler to determine if changes of lifestyle, such as diets, are working for the individual.

Secondly the MetaView is much more convenient. As our world becomes increasingly more busy, more full of technology, and more centered around multitasking, people are more willing to do more for their health if the time commitment is less!

Thirdly, the MetaView is more accurate because it analyzes oxygen and carbon dioxide present directly within the blood. Most previous devices, in an attempt to be as noninvasive as possible, measured O2 through the skin, causing errors in readings due to the obstruction. CO2 was measured in the breaths we exhale, which can only be used to calculate an estimate for what is present in the blood.

With deeper knowledge and the correct tools, MetaView can put you on the track to living a longer, happier, and healthier life.

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  1. Willow Parker

    I didn’t realize it is possible to learn so much about your health just by tracking your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels!


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