I’m one of those people you hate because of genetics. It’s the truth.

Brad Pitt


Why Use Genetics?

Genetic testing has been an evolutionary step in understanding an individual’s health in relation to genetic marking. The chip enabling genomewide genotyping is a major project that is being implemented and used to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms within a genome to identify certain genetic markers. Single nucleotide polymorphisms are crucial because they serve as biomarkers that greatly affect the phenotypes of individuals.  Each individual contains 23 chromosomes which contain over 20,000 genes each for a total of about 6 billion base pairs. Today’s genetic technology has effectively created mobile microchips that allow for testing of certain genetic markers that have produced specific phenotypes of an individual.   

This testing can be revolutionary in solving genetic mutations that may be leading to some of the biggest disease related issues at hand today.

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