Meet Our Team


Kaylin George

President, CEO
I’m Kaylin George. I am currently a freshman film production major at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts of Chapman University. Today, film and video are huge parts of the way our culture and society communicates and interacts with one another. I believe MetaView is one of the most innovative pieces of technology of all of our lifetimes, and my goal within this company is to reach as many individuals as possible with the message of what this product can do and how it can transform their lives.

  • Interpersonal Communication 90%
  • Time Management 80%
  • Organizational Guidance 75%

Tyler Newman

Chief Marketing Officer
My name is Tyler Newman, and I’m a public relations and advertising major with a minor in entrepreneurship. This combination of educational programs allows me to contribute to the marketing, design and business elements of our product. From web responsiveness to the aesthetics of a product, user experience is the number one driving source of success in a company, as long as the quality of the product is high (and at MetaView, it is!).

  • Public Relations & Advertising 75%
  • Internet Marketing 85%
  • Entrepreneurial Startups 70%

AJ Silva

Biology Specialist
My name is AJ Silva and I’m a sophomore biology major with minors in nutrition and the honors program. As a current biologist, I have and continue to strive for the best in technological advances within the science field, looking to bring change to the way health of an individual is measured. Technology is progressing at an impressive rate on a daily basis so there is plenty of untapped potential in the device we have put together called MetaView. I look forward to seeing what the coming years hold in relation to measuring an individual health status and uncovering a whole new world of undiscovered science.

  • Biochemistry 90%
  • Product Development 70%
  • Grant Writing 75%

Alec Shumate

Historical Consultant
I’m Alec Shumate and I’m a recent graduate of Chapman University’s history and honors programs. When it comes to revolutionary technologies like MetaView, it is essential to understand the history and development of health technologies. Our work is built on years and years of previous scientific research, breakthroughs, and most importantly failures. Without referencing and learning from the work of our predecessors we cannot make real progress. Only by understanding where we’ve been and where we are, can we hope to get to where we’re going.

  • International History 80%
  • Public Speaking 70%
  • Community Management 85%

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