Health: Simplified.

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Product Features

iOS and Android Compatible

Use the app to enter height, weight, food intake, genetic makeup, and countless other elements to bolster MetaView’s effectiveness.

Instant Alerts

MetaView will give you instant alerts of your health status, or customize it to give you weekly reports. It will tell you when it’s time to see a doctor, or even a specific health specialist, keeping you on track to be 100% healthy!

Personalized Report

As MetaView gets to know you, it will give you customizable reports and suggestions regarding your health patterns and life choices.

Online Database

MetaView uploads your health status to an anonymous online database, giving us the capability to compare alike individuals and improve health research worldwide.

The App

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Patented BioChip Technology

Biochip technology allows MetaView to measure blood pressure, gas exchange and other health aspects in a minimally invasive manner. Learn more here.

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